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Manouba School of Engineering is a Tunisian engineering school that is affiliated with the University of Manouba.

Manouba School of Engineering proposes to construct a training of excellence in engineering and applied sciences that supplements the existing academic offer. The proposed training will target students with high potential and equip them with skills in a multitude of interrelated areas that include science, technology, humanities and communication. Graduates will be able to design and manage operational and strategic projects in high-tech fields with high impact and highly employability in technological, spatial, ecological and environmental fields at both national and international levels. The School will thus consolidate Tunisia's positioning as an African academic hub dedicated to emerging fields.

The school proposes :

  • A training period of 5 years with an integrated preparatory cycle with upstream selection of high-potential baccalaureate graduates motivated by the identified skills
  • A training exclusively in the English language that would help develop the students’ multi-language skills and offer them opportunities to integrate the global ecological engineering world thanks to committed international academic partners and to the UMA Center of excellence in languages.

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The training in engineering is open to scientific baccalaureate holders who enjoy strong potential and have a good command of the English language. It will also recruit among BA (License) degree holders through specific admissions exams. The school will be open to foreign students from English-speaking countries, either within the framework of bilateral agreement quotas or in implementation of the new admission formula for fee payment.



School registration will be on September 1st and 2nd and the papers required for registration will be communicated shortly. In order to get to know the students who have been oriented to MSE, we invite you to fill in the fields of the form carefully.


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Integration day

MSE is honored to invite its students to the annual integration day. Visit the facebook page to check the program.


Geomatics satellite

Geomatic Engineering

Geomatics is a field where professionals collect real time geospatial data with the purpose of using them in finding solutions for real-world issues or even autonomous vehicles using tools such as remote sensing, land surveying, GIS systems and geography and computer science in order to comprehend and use collected data. Geomatics is a mix of geography, engineering and computer science blended together resulting solutions for real-world crisis and assisting in the civil engineering process.

Ecological city

Ecological Engineering

Ecological engineering is the design of sustainable ecosystems, systems that are beneficial for the humans and the environment. The purpose of the program is teaching engineering students the process of creating ideal designs where the humans are considered a part of the nature and not nature's lifelong enemy.


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Geomatics Engineering

Ecological Engineering



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